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*Prices may change without any notice. Please check the updates with the restaurant.
*Reservation is highly recommended for a party of 6 and up.
*Catering order available for more information Please call( 818-762-7152)

Note: in most of our meat dishes the meat can be subtituted with vegetarian substitutes

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Green Curry
Green curry , coconut milk , basil , bell peppers and bamboo shoots

Green Curry

$10.99(V/T)$11.99C $11.99(B)$12.99 S$13.99com$16..99(F/SF)
Yellow Curry
Yellow curry with carrot onion in coconut milk

Yellow Curry Fish

$9.99(V/T)$10.99C $11.99(B)$12.99 S$13.99com$16.99(F/SF)
Red Curry
Red curry , coconut milk , basil , bell peppers and bamboo shoots

Red Curry

$10.99(V/T)$10.99C $11.99(B)$12.99 S$13.99com$16.99(F/SF)
Authentic curry bell peppers and thai herbs in coconut milk


$11.99 S/Com $12.99 $16.99(F/SF)
Vegetables & Tofu
Mixed vegetables & tofu with choice of red or green curry

Yellow Curry Fish

Pineapple Curry
Chopped pineapple bell pepper, sweet basil sweet red curry in coconut milk

Pineapple Curry

$9.99(V/T)$10.99C $11.99(B)$12.99 S$13.99com$16.99(F/SF)

* C = Chicken ,B = Beef, T = Tofu, S = Shrimp ,Com = Combination ,F = Fish ,SF = Seafood

V/T $9.99 Chicken $10.99 Beef $11.99 Shrimp$12.99Com$13.99 Fish/Sf$16.99

Open daily time.5.00 PM-10.00 PM

Online order Friday-Sunday time.2.00 AM



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